We had planned to run a tipping competition for March, taking in Cheltenham too, but the weather and subsequently, Coronavirus fears have made that no as appealing so it has been shelved for a little while. If all is good for Cheltenham next week, we will do something so keep an eye out.

Over the past 12 months we have welcomed a number of new faces to the Crowd; some to the Gold and Green Crowd and some new share holders in the various horses as well as some who are part of the community but in a more remote capacity. Not all of these new faces, as well as some of the older ones, will be fully aware of the variety of ways to engage with the Crowd and our trainers, and to keep fully informed of running plans etc.

To encourage you to get involved we are offering 12 months membership of the Gold and Green Crowd to 5 randomly selected winners.

If you already have membership, you can either extend it or gift your prize to somebody else.

All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and send us a message so we know you are there!
For each one you follow us on, you will be entered into the draw.

The details of each Social Media Account can be found below the video, and the video attempts to explain this in words…..

Follow on all 4 and you will get 4 entries!
If you are already following and wish to be entered, please send us a message on the social media and we will get you added in the drawer.

We also appreciate that not everyone uses these tools, so if you use none and still would like to be in the drawer, then drop me an email and we will put you an in entry into the draw.

Use the links below to follow us on the 4 main social media channels, and get entered into the draw.

 FACEBOOK – @crowdracinghorses

TWITTER – @crowd_racing

YOUTUBE – CrowdRacing

INSTAGRAM – Crowd_racing

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