Crowd Racing legend Born To Finish has now won 8 races for us, and races again tonight at Chelmsford (19th November).

BTF has now won 7 times on the AW and once on turf, and he needs a fast ran race in order to be competitive. A key part of training and owning a horse like BTF is race planning, trying to identify a race where there is the maximum chance of success.

The table below shows all the options for BTF between now and Christmas. These races have been selected on BTF’s rating and the races he qualifies for over a combination of 6f and 7f. Although he has only won over 6f, trainer Ed De Giles and BTF’s recent jockeys all feel he will be better over 7f, as long as the race is ran to suit. It is uncommon fro races over 7f to be ran very tactically with a false pace and that really doesn’t suit BTF who can get caught too far behind and is disadvantaged when the front runners, quicken. This isn’t as much of a challenge over 6f, as they do tend to go quicker but in the higher grades BTF struggles to be quite quick enough to be competitive. The ideal race would be a fast ran 7f and this is what we should see tonight at Chelmsford.

We have added notes on our thoughts on the options for BTF and how one decision can impact on the other and how a good run can send you in one direction or the handicapper being harsh can send you in another. There is also the factor of maximum field sizes to consider and whether BTF would actually get into a race or not. As you can see, the preferred races, after tonight are at Lingfield on 4th December and on 16th December at Wolves.

If you would like to get involved with Born to Finish, you can join our racing club – The Gold and Green Crowd, by clicking below.

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