Meet The Crowd – #4 – Aidan Malia

What first tempted you to get into horse racing, especially ownership?

I do have family members who are connected to horse racing – my uncle currently owns a string of horses that have enjoyed good level of success on the northern Point 2 Point circuit – however my own involvement came rather later in life, around 4 years ago. It really was as simple as wanting to find a new sport to get involved with so I started watching as many races as I could and following the form. A former work colleague introduced me to Crowd Racing as a route into ownership – his race tips generally weren’t up to much but that one turned out well!


What is your ultimate ambition in racing?

To own a Grade 1 winner, not fussy so could be on the flat or jumps!

Do you have an idol? Someone in racing who has inspired you?

That’s a tough one and as a relative newby think Ive still got time to discover my idol in the racing world. Someone who I do really admire is Andrew Gemmell for his unbridled passion for the sport. I think the exceptional amount of enjoyment he gets from his horses, no matter the result, is a great example to follow. I also have a lot of admiration for all jockeys – think they are courageous and bonkers in equal measures.

If you could own the winner of any race what would it be?

Well as both the Derby and St Leger were recently picked by others in the Crowd Im going to go for the 2000 guineas to complete a Crowd Racing Triple Crown.

Do you have an all-time favourite horse? Once you owned, and one you would love to have owned?

The first winner I had with Crowd Racing was Born to Finish so would have to pick him for one owned, hopefully he’s got a few wins left in him but as Craig as says he’s been a star and owes us nothing.

My current favourite horse in training is Enable and wouldn’t mind seeing her in the green and gold stripes, I was gutted when she narrowly missed out on making history with a 3rd Arc last year. 


We give you a magic wand, and you can change one thing in the horse racing world. What would it be?

To turn the BHA into a body that properly serves the industry, acting as an unbiased regulator and actually issuing decisions that aren’t quite so baffling. I would also like to see more support given to the lower grades with some proper prize money.

What is your favourite racecourse to run your horses?

Im probably picking from a fairly limited number of courses that Ive actually been to with a Crowd Racing runner and so hope to expand the list after racing resumes. From the current list Id probably pick Windsor – an absolutely stunning racecourse I was fortunate enough to be at when The Detainee made a winning return from a break almost exactly 2 years ago and somewhere I cant wait to get back to.

What do you do outside racing, work-wise?

I work in commercial property investment as an asset manager for a US private equity business. Ive been in the industry for just over 20 years and enjoy the varied nature of the work.

What are you doing during lockdown?

Trying to keep up as much of a routine as possible. Ive been able to work from home reasonably effectively and been forcing myself to keep up the runs on the treadmill we have at home. Ive also found trying to ignore the misinformation and sensationalism in mainstream and social media also works quite well.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback for Crowd Racing?

I think Crowd Racing is a great community Im glad to be part of, the hard work and commitment Craig puts into the syndicate makes it stand out from others Ive seen. With the absence of actual racing the regular updates have been much appreciated and Ive particularly enjoyed the videos from Dan Kubler which really help you stay connected to the horses during lockdown. 

One suggestion would be whether its possible to hold some Crowd Racing get togethers or events away from actual race meets and include current trainers and others active in the industry?

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