Meet The Crowd – #1 – Gerard Hand

What first tempted you to get into horse racing, esp ownership? Family history or are you the first in the family to get involved? 

For a 40th Birthday present (many moons ago??) I was given a share in a racehorse called Spirit Rising who was trained with Milton Bradley, Horse never got placed but that was how I got hooked

What is your ultimate ambition in racing?

To carry on enjoying it the way I do and keep taking all the positives, I never want to treat it as anything other than having fun. 

Gerard Hand

• Do you have an idol? A favourite person in racing (trainer or jockey)? 

Sam Twiston-Davies – I had a share in a race horse that was trained with his father so followed Sam from being a small boy to the exceptional jockey he has become now.

If you could own the winner of any race, which one would it be? 

I think it would have to be the Grand National as that still has such a great feel about it, I always remember from being a child, my father going around all of my relatives collecting the bets for that one race and then going to the bookies to place them on, such a great family race. 

Do you have an all-time favourite horse? One you owned, and one you would have loved to have owned? 

My favourite to own has to be BTF as that is my only experience of having a share in a horse that has actually won, that feeling can never be replaced. A horse I would have loved to have owned would have to be Red Rum, the first horse I ever had a bet on that won and also I had the privilege to meet him when he retired. 

• We give you a magic wand, and you can change one thing in the horse racing world. What would that be? 

Rule 4 deductions – it so annoys me when you have winnings and you get some of it taken away! 

Which is your favourite racecourse to run your horses?

Wolverhampton for BTF but would love to see him at Doncaster as it is my closest course and of course the home of the great St Leger, 

• What do you do outside of racing, work-wise? 

Along with my wife we run a Health and Safety Training company, great fun as people expectation are that it is a sad old topic so I have fun changing that perception (although I try not to tell too many people what I do  as I may end up with no friends!!)  

What are you doing during lockdown? 

Giving my dog, SPUD the Border collie plenty of exercise (obviously maintaining my distance!!), and also trying my hand at cooking, I didn’t realise you could do so many things with a tin of beans



• Do you have any suggestions or feedback for Crowd Racing?

I love the competitions as both of my twin daughters get really involved, it’s amazing how exciting it can get, so a few more of them would be fun. 

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