May the 4th be a good finishing position? Star Wars day applied to the Crowd Racing world…..

Today is 4th May and now as most of us know, it has become known world-wide as Star Wars day, and May the Force be with us all more than ever this year, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage huge chunks of the planet.


One of our members, (who doesn’t deserve a mention )…… Challenged me to come up with a link between Crowd Racing and Star Wars day…..and after many lines through many tedious links, one very tedious link survived.

We have had a number of horses finish 4th in a race, so May the 4th be a good finishing position? Apologies….really.

While running in Crowd Racing colours, we have seen 11 x 4th place finishes! Born To Finish tops the charts comfortably by filling the slot 5 times! 3 were definitely good runs while the others were disappointing really. So May the 4th be a good result? Only just where BTF is concerned.

Our very first horse, Acom, ran 4th in one of his races. Acom was disappointing overall but his 4th place at Wolverhampton 5 years ago was actually his best run! And one that was decent form when looking back at the race.

The Detainee and Sparkling Cossack both finished 4th on two occasions, with the 2 x 4th places for TD being very disappointing, especially when beaten favourite at Fakenham. SC another horse who never really reached the level we had hoped for her, actually ruined her chances of a win by finishing 4th at Lingfield and earning a 19lb raise in the handicap! From 46 to 65 for finishing 4th, beaten 6 lengths. I still struggle with that one.

Our 11th and final 4th place finish was filly, Arishka who finished in this now famous position once. As a horse who won twice and was placed a further 3 times, her 4th placed finish was a poor effort. An effort she left well behind before taking a dip in form at the end of her racing career.

A quick reflective look, and it would seem from 11 x 4th placed finishes only 4 of them being good runs and the other 7 not being what we would have hoped for. So in our small universe, May the 4th placed finished is not what we have been looking for. Lets hope racing resumes very soon, and if we do have any of our horses coming 4th, then at least we know they haven’t come 5th……

Born To Finish and The Detainee are both still in training with Crowd Racing and you can get involved in following how the rest of their careers pan out, by joining our Gold and Green Crowd. Click here for more information.

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