What first tempted you to get into horse racing, esp ownership? Family history,or are you the first in the family to get involved?

My family have had an interest and owned racehorses my whole life; never to a high level but it has always been about having fun and getting the odd win when the opportunities came. My Uncle and Grandfather had horses with local trainer Michael Chapman, my Father has had horses with James Given, Robert Cowell, Michael Wigham and many others, my sister went to the Racing School in Newmarket when she was 16 and worked for a number of trainers including Robert Cowell and David Simcock before she had my Niece and Nephew. My Mother and her partner have worked on stud farms and for trainers including Gay Kellaway and Michael Bell, so its kind of in my blood!  I had been looking at getting into to getting shares for some time and was looking for the right opportunity, when I found Crowd Racing/ The Gold and Green Crowd it offered everything I was looking for and continues to deliver. 


What is your ultimate ambition in racing?

My ultimate ambition would be to have a nice Broodmare and to breed from her and see what happens with the foals either selling them or putting them into training.  

Do you have an idol? A favourite person in racing (trainer or jockey)? 

Bob Champion his story alongside the work and fundraising he does for his Cancer Charity show just what can be done with a positive attitude and a never say die spirit. He’s an absolute inspiration.

If you could own the winner of any race, which one would it be?

The race I would most like to win would be the Cheltenham Gold Cup, where the best of the best compete. Where you know every horse is running to the best of its ability and there isn’t one lurking at the bottom of the Handicap 

Do you have an all-time favourite horse? One you owned, and one you would have loved to have owned? 


My all time favourite has to be The Detainee such a character and most of the times gives it his all even though he needs to be coaxed into it most of the time! One horse that id have loved to have owned is Frankel just an all round perfect horse and a once in a lifetime phenomenon. 

We give you a magic wand, and you can change one thing in the horse racing world. What would that be?

I personally think that the prize money situation needs to be changed as putting more money into the top group races and big Handicaps, which turns them into what look like pattern races, just make the big players in the game a bigger piece of the pie. It just alienates the smaller owners and you lose those stories of the horse picked up for £800 winning a big handicap because the big teams have horses in the races and the marks to get into the races are so high its just crazy. If the prize money was filtered down and races at the grass roots were worth a minimum of £5,000 it would be a good start. I’m sure no owner thinks that they are ever going to make a profit from owning a racehorse (more fool anyone that does) but I do think there needs to be a levelling up of the scales

Which is your favourite racecourse to run your horses? 

Any course that one of my horses has won at! I do like Yarmouth because its local but enjoy Salisbury and Windsor on the flat and over the jumps Market Rasen and Fakenham. Whilst the bigger courses may have bigger facilities theres something I find wonderful about the friendliness and warmth of smaller tracks  

What do you do outside of racing, work-wise?

I currently work in the recycling sector for a firm based in Fakenham, Norfolk.

What are you doing during lockdown? 

I think I was the only member of staff not furloughed and have been working from home, I’ve found many old policies and bits of paperwork that haven’t been reviewed since 2014 and 2015 so i’ve been updating those whilst continuing to keep the business ticking over during these troubled times.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback for The Gold and Green Crowd?

I would love to see a Crowd event away from racing, it has been mentioned before, somewhere that there can be a Q & A session with some of our trainers and the members of the different Crowds would be able to meet up. Other than that the updates and platforms that have been set up for the members of the Crowds are great and the information give is superb, much better than other syndicates.

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