First round of key workers to receive Gold and Green Membership

Earlier this week, we offered racehorse loving Key Workers 12 month membership of our Gold and Green Crowd, totally free of charge as a gesture of thanks for all the hard work they are doing to keep the country functioning. We have more memberships available, and more details can be found by clicking here .

For details of what the key workers can expect from the Gold and Green Crowd membership, please click here

The first round of the new Key Worker members of the Gold and Green Crowd are

  • JINKY WATT – Full-time carer and supporting local community by collecting shopping and paying bills.
  • DEBBIE STEVEN – Caring for the disabled.
  • LISA GRAHAM – Cleaner, pulling double shifts and doing food runs for those confined to their home.
  • DANIELLE FLORIAN – Ambulance Technician
  • PAUL EDWARDS – Postman
  • GARETH PENNY – Working with Pharma company supplying drugs to help sufferers of Cov-19
  • STUART LOGAN – Private Ambulance, retained fireman and runs local food bank
  • DIANNE MOORE – Emergency services call operator
  • ADE HUDSON – Running before and after school clubs to allow parents to work
  • DAVID RYALL – Delivery driver for a bakery
  • STEPHANIE DUNMORE – Working in a school for the children of key workers
  • IAIN GREEN – Security guard for food operation facility

The efforts that deserve rewarding are not just being delivered by the NHS, as many more people are also contributing to what is a monumental fight back against this nasty virus in unprecedented times.If you would like to nominate anyone for a membership, please drop me a message at

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