Since Covid-19 we have dramatically reduced the cost of joining, without compromising the benefits of The Gold and Green Crowd. You can now take a 12 month membership for just £100! As the Crowd currently includes 11 horses across 8 trainers, this is fantastic value, but what do you get as a member?

The Benefits of the Gold and Green Crowd are mainly online, and via our innovative social platform which is accessible with via a smart phone app, or a web browser. It is very simple to use, and gives you up to the minute updates on your horses.


You can register for the Gold and Green Crowd App by clicking here, but without a membership some of the options will be locked and you won’t be able to access them.

The full list of benefits are

  • Online Membership Pack – Pictures, Overview of horses and trainers, plus a certificate of membership
  • Always a minimum of 5 horses included – Currently 11 with 3 more due before the start of the winter jumps season
  • Exclusive Discount Offers – On shares in horses with Crowd Racing, or events and Gift options.
  • Full access to our Social Platform – accessed via the web or on a smartphone app
  • No additional cost for a joint membership – racing should be social and shared, we don’t charge extra if you do choose to share your membership.
  • Invites to Stable Visits, social events and Race Days – Every yard we work with will have 2 stable visits per year, minimum. There will also be a range of social events, from dinners to stud visits to family days, and we will arrange a Gold and Green Day at the races 3 times per year, whether we have a runner or not.
  • Owners badges when we have a runner – You can apply for a badge whenever we have a runner, and you will be entered into the lottery for badges. There is always a chance of discounted badges to go racing, for those unsuccessful in the lottery.
  • Weekly Newsletter – A full summary of everything that is happening at Crowd Racing and The Gold and Green Crowd.

If you would like to get involved and join now, for just £100 for the next 12 months, then please click here and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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