free membership for the rest of 2020. buy today to maximise your bonus period!

Membership of The Gold and Green Crowd is £100 for 12 months, but considering everything that is happening right now, we wanted to try and make that offer even better by adding on extra membership time for free.

In simple terms, buy your membership before the end of November and it will run until the end of December next year, the sooner your buy the more you get for free!

A key part of being involved in racehorse ownership is getting and about and visiting stables and meeting your trainers, their team and obviously the horses as well as going to the races to see your horses run. This has not been easy for the past 6 months, and it now seems that the situation will continue for a while longer.

We have, and will continue to work very hard alongside our trainers to try and ensure that the members of The Gold and Green Crowd still feel very much part of what is happening and we are constantly looking for ways to improve that further.

3 months free membership

The launch of our members exclusive website and smart phone App have made the flow of bang up to date information easier, and this has enabled us to continue delivering a great experience even when some of the outdoors events have been delayed.

We will continue to develop what we provide exclusively to our members and with over 10 horses from 8 stables included in the membership, there is always something happening to keep you engaged. This number will be increasing in the coming months, but there will be nothing additional to pay.

Competitions, live video chats and an increase in written, video and audio feedback from the stables as well as other interesting and relevant people within the horse racing family will all help to increase the interest and engagement.

Anyone who joins The Gold and Green Crowd before midnight on November 30th 2020, will have a membership which runs right through to the end of 2021, so we have plenty of time to get stable visits and race day events in the diary!

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